Chúng tôi mở cửa 7 ngày mỗi tuần 7 giờ sáng - 9 giờ tối

The new jeans bought no matter how much the material is, the more or less will be stained. If you do not know how to handle the pants will be very quickly faded, dilated. So how do I restrict this situation?

Way 1: Keep your jeans stretchy

After you buy jeans you don’t rush right away.  Please wear once and then wash. This way you will be able to keep the form shape for your pants.



Way 2: Keep the color for jeans

Use vinegar, sour alum or salt

Soak jeans into water with vinegar, (sour alum or salt) between 1-2 hours. They will make your clothes more durable. Then rinse it with cold water for cleaning and drying.



Use betel leaf

This way takes a little more time. First you rinse, crumpled then to betel leaf not into the water watercress. Filter out betel leaves, just leave water. Soak the jeans in the betel water for about 45 minutes, dry up the water and expose it without washing it.

Use coconut water

Soak jeans in coconut water for about 3 hours. Then rinse it with cold water for cleaning and drying.

Way 3: Wash your own jeans

When washing, do not wash jeans together with other clothes. New jeans are usually stained with washing, so the general washing will cause other clothes to be stained. Therefore, try to wash your own jeans and hand wash is the best. Note that the SOAP should not be given during this first wash. Another principle to remember is to not wash more than 4 kinds of jeans at once.

When washing jeans, you remember to take the items in the bag and flipped the pants and then wash. Exceptions when clothing jeans or dirty on the contour pockets need to use a clean brush, so choose a brush not too rough as it will damage the cloth.

Do not use powder-type detergent because it is usually difficult to dissolve in water, they will cling to jeans and make you uncomfortable to wear so you should use the washing water. Never use water softening the fabric for jeans because it will easily lose form.

Way 4: Let your jeans dry naturally

High temperatures are usually not good for jeans. So that the use of dryers for jeans drying is not the perfect solution to keep pants durable and beautiful. The best way to preserve colours and to increase the lifespan of jeans is to let them be naturally dried in light sunlight or in the shade.

Above are the necessary notes that you should know to preserve jeans, not fading, long lasting. Hopefully, you should save these life tips for laundry, storing clothes becomes easier.