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There are a lot of ways to choose “just print” jeans without having to be replaced instead. She is a fan of the “jeans”, then pack the secrets of choosing the Super standard-style jeans below.

1. Select by size

To choose the right jeans size, wrap the back pants around the neck, if the two heads are easily touching each other, it’s your perfect pants size. Please note that the end of the back is not necessarily touching perfectly and accurately but it must be easily wrapped around your neck.



2. Define the width

Put your arms out and hold tight (like pictures). If the length of the arm is just printed with the back, you will fit your physique. However, this procedure is suitable only for medium-backed pants, if a high back or a low back will not be available.



3. Check length

Finally check to see if the jeans are long enough. The two handles the pants, spread out two sides, if the bottom part of the jeans is right in the neck, under your chin, congratulations! You have chosen to be a jeans that fits your height.



If you want to know how to make your legs easily pierced into the jeans, grab your fist and give it to your pants (as in the picture above), if you fit well, you will be wearing very quick jeans without entangled anything.



Jeans are seen as costumes that are indispensable in the closet of any pretty girl. Jeans Show youthful beauty that is dynamic, healthy and also an item that shows a sexy round of 3. You can be present in any circumstances such as going to school, playing, meeting friends… Just to be subtle in the way of mixing and choosing outfits, the accompanying accessory is going to be a genuine fashionista right away. So choosing jeans is also a deciding factor to make the modern beauty, the longer she can hesitate without learning the secret to this 1-0-2….

Source: Brightside