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Long shoes on whether you have regular cleaning, over time the soles of shoes will also appear gold stains. These stains cause the shoes to deteriorate, and you can’t be confident that it’s in the street.

If this is the case, there are a few tips that can “rescue” your shoes without wearing the drying shop in HCMC to solve.

Open the notebook and note to use it when needed:


1. Detergent

The brushes are old, you don’t get thrown away. The brush combined with washing powder will help you to remove the yellow stain on the sole is too effective.

Take your detergent diluted with water. Apply the solution to the sole and use the old toothbrush rub the sole. Rub till the top of the dirty brush is dipped into the detergent solution then scrub. You do until you see the clean white shoe.



2. Detergent

In the detergent compounds, the detergent has become too familiar outside the bleaching of clothes it can also purge the soles very well. You give the water bleach together with water into a small basin, also use a toothbrush absorbent shoe sole for 20 minutes, you see the soles of clean shoes can stop.  However, this is only applicable to stains that are not too long on. If the time is too long you need to find the drying shop in HCMC for assistance.



3. Toothpaste

The effect of toothpaste is the cleansing and destruction of bacteria so it is also possible to clean the gold stains on the soles of the shoe. You give the toothpaste onto the brush, rub the shoe soles and then to 5 – 10 minutes. Next use a clean towel, you will see the soles of the shoe become brighter white.



4. Fresh lemon

The acidity of lemons are strong, you can also take advantage of this natural ingredient to bleaching your shoes. You add the lemon and rub it to the sole, or you can squeeze the water and use the brush to saturate the shoe. You need to dry 20 minutes then get the washcloth back. The sole will regain the original clean white.



Here are some suggestions that are extremely easy to make, the ingredients are also quite easy to find, you can apply the test right at home. However, if the yellow stain is long and penetrates into the shoe material is difficult to solve. At such a while, you have no other way of using the support of dry cleaning services in HCMC.

ExpLaundry is one of the chain of drying shops in HCMC. ExpLaundry services range from dry cleaning, dry cleaning clothes to shoes hygiene. With modern technology, ExpLaundry is a reliable place where you can send your beloved shoes.

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