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There is nothing more wonderful than being relaxed, resting on a sturdy bed, a comfortable mattress with a beautifully designed bed linen, clean and aromatic tho will be one of the basic elements to regenerate health after long day Fatigue activity. Although as soon as both you bathe the laundry before each climb to bed, the sleep still secreted with considerable sweating. This amount of sweat will be blankets, draps, pillows, absorbent mattresses, especially those that penetrate and absorb well. If we do not regularly clean them, it is very possible to produce countless types of harmful microorganisms for health: mold, bacteria, dust, dust,,… And the influence is not small to your good sleep and your family.


1. Split blankets, gas pillows, separate mattress

Sisters understand that each type of blanket, gas, pillow, mattress is made from different fabrics so the level of laundry will be different. Therefore, first before catching up on the bleaching, the pillow station is about to separate them.


Note that it is necessary to sort blankets, cushion pillows 


2. Wash the blanket, clean the pillow

To facilitate the washing of the quilt, the pillow case, we will choose a crispy sunny day for quick drying and avoid mold moisture.

Then the preparation of the solution for bleaching includes: hot water, detergent, dishwashing water, cups of low chlorine bleach and the powder welded the.


Use homemade solution to bleached blanket/pillow


-If washing with a washer, you just need to put this solution in the case and install warm water wash. If your washing machine has a drying mode, it is easier, the machine will dry the blanket for you, the rest is to give and expose the real dry.

-If washing by hand, you have a solution on the hot water and soak the intestines/pillow. Then simply squeeze by far away cotton, rinse thoroughly and bring them out to expose.


The pillows will be cleaned after washing


3.Ga Bed Clean as new

The train station must be a obsession with many sisters, especially with white bed stations. To ensure health, we recommend washing the bed 1 times a week. However, after a period of use they can still color the “porridge” so the tips below will help you to turn the stain on the station quickly.


Bed linen before washing


-Prepare laundry detergent according to the ratio: 1/4 cups flour/conventional laundry water, 1/4 cups welded the, 1/4 Cup baking soda.

-Preparing the solution of discharge by the ratio: 1/2 cups of vinegar to soften and deodorize, 10 drops of flowers essential oil, 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil

-After preparing these solutions, you give them to the washing machine and wash as usual and expose it to dry in sunlight. The above solution will bring to the bed station you the clean white and the essential oil conditioner will help sedation, put you to sleep deeper, more relaxed.


Bed linen after clean white as new


4. Tips to help clean the mattress

Despite the protection of the mattress, if you’re still dirty, try the following:

-If you are a normal stain, you just need to prepare a little solution of lemon juice, spray on the stain and so on for up to 5 minutes. Then take the soft cloth rubbed onto the stain.

-If the mold is moist, then you use a solution of a so-skin, spray on a stain and leave for half an hours. Then use a vacuum cleaner to dry the mattress.

-Then the mattress is dry and clean and the dust.


Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the mattress 


With these simple tips, EXPRESS laundry hopes you will easily clean the blanket, gas, mattress, clean, very pleased and full of joy.