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The wool is easy to wear, but beautiful but also quite demanding and requires individual requirements in the care. Here is a handbook that extends youth to your beloved woolen items.

In the cold winter, these items made of wool material such as sweaters, wool skirts, cardigan, etc. Are all we do, because they are not only a powerful anti-malaise, but always feel comfortable, pleasant to wear, not to mention they are easy to combine and look very trendy. However, woolen is also quite a good place if not cared for, they will easily suffer damage such as spinning, Dão, loss of shape, etc. In order not to encounter the condition of not all cold halves that the beloved sweater has been “spilled”, you should know the handbook of care for each type of wool to help them retain the most durable, beautiful status for the longest time.

1. Anti-shrinkage Sweaters

If you want a sweater that doesn’t shrink, use warm water (size 30 degrees Celsius) for washing. When flushing is final, brew in a little vinegar, the coat will retain its elasticity as well as bright colors, and can neutralized the alkaline amount of leftover soap in the garment.

Cleaning is not advised to squeeze water that rolls back in a towel to squeeze, then spread out on a flat surface and normal drying

2. Handle dilated Sweater

Sweaters despite washing thoroughly but wear long are often flowing and become wider, affecting the beauty of Austria. In order to return to the original shape, soak the coat in water at a temperature of 70 – 80 degrees Celsius. If the sleeve or bear coat is stretchy, soak it in water at temperatures between 40-50 degrees Celsius. About one to two hours , wear out exposure, elasticity will be restored.

3. Exposure properly

If hanging wool clothes onto the hook, the coat is deformed. To overcome, the washing is not advised to squeeze water that rolls back in a towel to squeeze, then spread the jacket on a flat surface and dry normally.

4. Refreshing

To refresh wool clothing, it is impossible to use conventional bleach, but also to prepare a solution consisting of: 5 liters of water, 250g soap, 15g ammonia, 15g essential oil. Let the soap into boiled water, when the soap is dissolved, prompt down, for ammonia, the resin enters and stir well. Wait for the cold, dip the wool clothes for about 5 minutes, and do not squeeze, do it repeatedly, and rinse again with clean water. This will make the wool clothes as bright as new without damaging the wool material.