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Modern life is extremely busy, time becomes extremely precious, do not waste it in very normal things such as clothes laundry. Coming to ExpLaundry, your clothes will be CLEANED – dried – BEAUTIFULLY ARRANGED. In addition, Explaundry also offers dry cleaning services for special material clothing along with a laundry service. ExpLaundry saves you a lot of time and effort every day to invest in other useful tasks.

Currently, ExpLaundry has developed 13-store system with a direct distribution system from LG COMMERCIAL, which helps to handle stubborn stains, kill bacteria effectively with washing time only 38 minutes, drying time from 40 – 50 minutes for a maximum of 10kg Clothes. Sources of washing water, safe discharge water, with quality certification. An intelligent, automated management mechanism ensures sufficient use of power and water volume, saving environment resources at maximum.

ExpLaundry’s concept is to provide customers with dry cleaning services – PROFESSIONAL – SAFETY. ExpLaundry hopes to be accompanied by customers in the upcoming time.


  • Zone A, B – KTX National University of Ho Chi Minh City



ExpLaundry combined with the leading washing machine supplier Clean Pro to invest the operating system in accordance with the standard criteria of Europe, the most prominent is a dedicated drying washer LG Giant-C:

Direct Inverter motor

A washing machine LG Giant-C is equipped with direct inverter motor to the washing machine with high level of side, stable operation, quiet washing and low vibration.

Drum embossed inside the washer

The surface of the inner wash drum is used by LG’s embossed label to increase the amount of contact with clothing, helping the Giant-C washing machine remove more dirt and stains.

10o Tilt Cage

Completely different from the family washing machine, the LG Giant-C line is designed by the 10o tilt-cage design, which makes the process of using less water but the ability to clean the clothes superior.

Washing time in 38 minutes

For the family washing machine the time for a one-time washing of approximately 59 minutes. As for the LG Giant-C washing machine line is 38 minutes for one wash.

TurboWash Washing Technology

With Turbo Wash technology, washing water flow while washing machine LG Giant-C operation will be sprayed 3 very strong currents directly onto clothes that help to fly stubborn stains quickly, efficiently.

Stainless Steel Casing Material

LG Giant-C washing machine series with stainless steel casing material In addition to being coated with a high grade paint such as automobile paint to help washing machine has longer wear resistance than the family washing machine.



With a system of more than 13 professional dry laundry shops, ExpLaundry is a partner of large customers in the spa, restaurant and hotel industry. Dry cleaning process is strictly managed from receiving goods-dry-drying-stacking-delivery. Especially with the motto to bring excellent service to customers, ExpLaundry staff dedicated to consulting and finding solutions to bring the most quality drying laundry products.

Contact ExpLaundry to get the best advice and quotation on the bulk drying service:

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