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For each of us, every day wearing clothing clothes on the person is essential but we always think it is the simplest. But the truth is that it is not the job that can be ignored is laundry clothes. And how important it is to wash clothes that are not out of color, or that the least fading can always be of interest to you. In this article we will refer to the issue of how to wash clothes with no color or fewest colors.


-To color jeans are durable, beautiful, at the new purchase, soak it in cold water mixed with dark salt or vinegar or sour alum at least for 12 hours, then rinse. Note that on this first wash do not wash with soap. A little bit of know-how is this: when you first buy jeans before washing the pants in the freezer compartment for about 1 night.

-After washing for the first time limit the laundry at least one week. Wash multiple times will make jeans damaged and color fade. With jeans you can wear 2, 3, even 4 times before washing. If you do not wash with soap, you should soak in warm water (more than 40 degrees Celsius) for about 1 hours and then rinse in warm water again. In order not to fade, it is recommended to add some vinegar to water.

-Note When washing jeans you remember to take the items in the bag and flipped the pants and then wash. Wash with cold water using diluted soap, gentle, limited use of a strong rubbing brush. Exceptions when clothes jeans or dirty in the contour pockets need to use a clean brush, then choosing the brush is not too rough because it will damage the cloth, but also not so soft too because washing will be less effect. Do not hang clothes up to rub, which should spread to the laundry floor. It is best to use local soap for washing, as the metal details can be black-out. Do not use detergent with fabric whitening feature.

-If the clothes have leather pieces, then after each washing, the special cream is colorless or gliceryn on those pieces.

-You need to know that machine wash will make jeans fast broken and fast fading far more color. If you are washing jeans in the machine, then you need to get left and pull all your dreams and set the daisy.

-When you wear jeans, you should use more water, it is better to have a large tank. First in warm water, then let in cold water.

-More complex is the drain the clothes jeans. May need two people to turn two heads to dry, otherwise there must be hanging in the open place for fast water.

-When the exposure is not to fold the jeans, if not then you must moisten the folding seats. It should be remembered that direct sunlight can make jeans of strong shrinkage. To avoid colour fading, it is better to expose the left. Wind dry in the shade.

-It is recommended to use detergent water, instead of detergent because the powder is usually difficult to dissolve in water, they will cling to the surface of the cloth that causes your skin to wear uncomfortable. Next, it is recommended to dilute the washing water so that the eraser becomes softer.

-Never use soft water to soften the fabric for jeans and should not dry your pants with a dryer.

-Jeans don't need it. However after washing, they will be slightly dry and stiff for some time. Let them be as tender as the old can pass by steam.

-You should only wash jeans together and avoid washing with other fabrics if possible. Another principle to remember is to not wash more than four jeans at once.

-The easiest tip for preserving the main jeans is to cool them. Straighten, fold and put the plastic bag in the refrigerated machine to the next day you want to wear them.


For new Clothes:

  • New clothes bought about you should soak diluted vinegar 1 night then rinse with water.
  • If the fabric is fast, you should wash with a bath milk or shampoo, light detergent should be faded and wash very quickly and not like washing soap.
  • Expose clothes in cool shade, avoiding color loss and crispy yarn.
  • For clothing used over several times:
  • Clothing is out of color should be washing separately with cold water and squeezed dry immediately, do not soak.
  • Dry cleaning is a safer solution that restricts color flying, but you should check the manual washing on the label first.

Handling when you are colored to other laundry:

  • If you do not have a colouring and in your laundry, use products such as Dylon® Run Away Dye Remover for cleaning (available for sale in most supermarkets and pharmacies)
  • If you have already missed a coloured map, you should open the washing machine at the same time before washing. This will help to eliminate leftover colour in the washing machine.

For cotton clothing, wool:

  • All kinds of cotton clothing, red or purple wool, if you use water with vinegar to wash, the colors will always shine like new.
  • For fabrics after the new purchase, on the first wash, we let the fabric soak in salt water for 10 minutes, doing so can prevent the cloth from fading.

The majority of the work is too simple. But how to keep clothes long lasting over time, it needs to be a secret. Clothes will hurry, you also do not rush to blame material. In the process of washing, exposing, storage also greatly affects the durability of the outfit. The proper exposure guide for women.

  1. Do not leave damp clothes for long days. Thus, they are not only very susceptible to mold and but also easy to item. You should expose your clothes to a sunny space. On rainy days, if possible, clothes dryers are available for families.
  2. In the costume type, especially the jeans need to upside down the surface inside out to avoid fading cloth. Restrict the dirty fins to the main side of the cloth while exposed.
  3. With special costumes, special attention is required during exposure, which cannot be arbitrary. Jackets, sweatshirts, jackets need to be hung on wooden clothes, thick and sturdy plastic, as these costumes need to be kept in the shoulder.
  4. Sweaters, knit shirts are easy to stretch during the process. You should only squeeze lightly and then use a thick cotton towel, and expose on a flat surface. Note When exposed to the hanger should double again, to limit the collar simplicity due to the weight of the water you should not expose the vertical jacket.
  5. Some clothing with thin material, prone to deformation, scratched like a needle, you should expose in the mesh bag (available at supermarket).
  6. It is not recommended to expose costumes with a bright color interchangeably, exposing them directly under the sunlight will fade the fabric. Exterior, material such as silk, satin, synthetic yarn, wool… Or poorly refractory, you should only expose in a ventilated place. Do not leave the clothes to be dry long. You also need to notice how to make the clothes easy to color so that they don't spread to the rest of the outfit.
  7. It is recommended to clean the exposed cord after each use, so you will not be afraid of the wind, dirt. Before using a fixed drying cord, you should use a damp towel to wipe the dust before drying out the clothes.
  8. If you are using an iron exposure, you should replace it with another type of wire. The iron wire is very easy to rust, this material sticking to the garment will be difficult to wash clean. The solution for you is to use zinc coated wire, both durable and hard.
  9. Regularly clean on clothespin, shirt. After exposure, store them in a dry place. For outdoor, the shirt will be broken and vulnerable to dust.
  10. Clothes should not be exposed overnight outdoors, especially underwear. The dew will cause them to lose color, moist mold and reduce durability.
  11. Before washing and drying out new clothes, you need to carefully read the instructions on the shirt mark. So, you will know how to expose accordingly.