Chúng tôi mở cửa 7 ngày mỗi tuần 7 giờ sáng - 9 giờ tối

May 10/2018, Express Laundry Company has successfully finished the Team Building program lasting 2 days 1 night (day 23-24/10) for all staff at Homestay Shin & Sam Vung Tau. Sincerely thanks to the leadership of Express Laundry Company, which has made a comprehensive plan and leave you with every employee memorable to think about Express Laundry.



Meaningful trip:

* Express Laundry System sincerely thank you for the contribution of strength, the enthusiasm of the staff contributing to expand more chain of stores spread throughout Ho Chi Minh CITY and more assertions in the field of quick drying.

* Everyone has time to rest, have fun after long time working stressful, tired and meet many difficult customers.

* It is also an opportunity for office staff and you staff to be able to stick, closer to work, helping people work together more efficiently and unite.

* Through team building activities, leaders observe potential candidates and evaluate their behaviour when interacting in a team. You can evaluate employee leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

* One of the benefits of team building is to help clearly see the different personality in the group. Through team building activities, you can observe employees react in stressful situations, ways of communication and their strengths.

* Teambuilding provides people with the opportunity to work together as a normal person, not an employee. Getting acquainted with colleagues outside of work usually means that you may notice another aspect of their personality. Learn more about personal history, family life, hobbies are easier to connect, rather than just talking about the job. Often teambuilding activities help break down existing barriers and allow trust and respect to grow and deepen among team members. With trust and respect, employees are more likely to collaborate and work effectively with each other.

* You on the trip have been able to open more and more boldly than the beginning with the slogan “Do best, play well with your best”. Everyone was eating together happily, having fun in the activities.

Here are a few more pictures on the trip: