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The facility operates in the Spa field, each day it is necessary to tumble dry an extremely large number of linens from a variety of materials and different sizes. Towels are important items in most services that the SPA also provides to customers. However, not all spa facilities can be equipped with a washing machine, industrial dryers to perform continuous drying work. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to trust the laundry unit for spa in HCMC.  

  • High cost of drying laundry service: The leading cause of customers are afraid to pay more, which increases the cost per month.
  • Transportation difficulties: The SPA has no private transport team, the transportation to the laundry spots difficult.
  • Clean, non-aromatic laundry towel: directly affect the customer’s feel at the spa.
  • Long drying time, no prompt supply: clean towel not to keep up the business is interrupted.
  • The old machinery can damage the towel: the towel is no longer white, not as soft as the original.

And some other reasons why spa facilities are afraid to choose a laundry service for spa in HCMC.


Express Laundry is one of the pioneering brands providing intensive laundry services for spas in HCMC. We have entered the 4th year of operation. Currently, Express Laundry has 13 stores in HCMC and will expand in the coming time.

  • Express Laundry IS The STRATEGIC PARTNER OF LG GROUP IN Vietnam, directly imported washer, brand dryer LG use for the whole system.
  • Cooperation with CLEANPRO Group brand is present in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.
  • The process is closed, standard according to European criteria.
  • Detergent, aromatic water and safe for health, quality certificate.
  • Team of experienced and skilled staff.

Express Laundry has been providing drying for spa in HCMC in District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan…. In addition, we also work with major partners such as NOVALAND, SAVILLS, HEINEKEN, GRAB,… And the whole KTX district of HCMC.




With a system of machines and modern and in-depth industry experience, we bring the spa laundry service to the spa in HCMC best.

  • Discounted rates are only between 11,000 – 15,000/kg.
  • The European standard washing process, committed to the garment is always clean, fragrant, arranged shortly. Bactericidal ratio up to 99%.
  • Do not wrinkle, harden, damage the material of the towel.
  • Strictly control the cleaning process for all the washing machines and dryers at each store.
  • Providing delivery service to customers. Timely delivery agreement with customers.
  • Attractive discounts, many incentives for close customers.

Express Laundry also offers packing services if required by customers.

If you want to be more knowledgeable and advise on the spa laundry service in HCMC, please contact hotline:

  • 0906 721 912 (see Mr. Phuc)
  • 0982 649 419 (see Mr. Nam)


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