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In fashion items (clothing, footwear, hats, socks…) that we often use, white items are the most difficult to handle, especially after the “rain Shower” about. So how can they clean up like new? The answer will be right here!


Shirt, white pants

After going to rain, we should soak in white clothing and, if possible, wash it always to avoid being moist (because sweat when combined with rainwater will cause the garment to have a small stain). You need to rub gently until clean stains in collar, sleeve… Especially in the back, because it saves a lot of sweat. Then expose in a cool place, if there is sunshine, the more wonderful.



In cases where there were black mold dots that appeared and could not make it disappear in the above ways, use a light rub brush, then permeate the area with a marker. Note, this method applies only to new items that are milestone.


In fact, molars, odors also appear even when we perform the above steps if exposed, pants in places with no sunlight. At this time, you need a little vinegar to eat, mixed with cow’s milk and water, then let the clothes in, make sure the smell and unpleasant odor will fly away.



With the “stubborn” mold long existed on the white shirt, little lemon juice in the mold or in the needle, then take the sun or cool place. Then wash it with soap and rinse the water off.



With white shirts that are yellowish or have a lot of mold, you can soak them into the solution of the weld with vinegar. In addition, alcohol, boiling water or purple and lemon pills can also bleach like new white coats.



At present, many of you love to wear white shoes but it is very prone to dirty sticky, especially in the rainy season. Not only that, rainwater will make them more damaging.



For those who love this type of shoe, if you are advised to bring a pair of slippers to the rain, or the zip bag that sells in the supermarket. But if you miss to rain water, you should wash your laundry right home and expose it to dry place.

With the shoes cannot be washed, you need to use a cloth or paper wipe. Rain boots are easy to smell if not dried, so you need old newspaper or waterproof paper inside.



For white canvas shoes with a mold appearance, use a bleaching powder. Blend this powder with water then pour on the shoes, soak for a period of time, then use the brush gently rub the stain.

If you are needing to clean the shoes faster, a piece of fresh lemon will hand out “rescue” you. The need to do is rub the lemon piece up stains, stain for about 1 minute and use clean towel.

With leather shoes, the work seems simpler when you can use old towel to wipe out stains. However, because this material is very easily absorbent, it is easy to get home, you need to quickly clean, dry, hit the poker and then stay in a cool place.



Caps, socks (socks)

With hats, we can apply the cleaning method as a garment. But with socks, it should be noted that some of the things by its peculiarities are carried under the feet so dirtier. When you go rain, it is harder to wash into a rain.

Therefore, after taking it, you need to wash it even when it is not raining. You can soak in warm water to stain fast stains, then soak the soap for about 1 hour and then use a gentle brush to clean.

With “stubborn” stains, you can use bleach, but it is safer to use lemon or baking soda.