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When suddenly you carelessly pour cosmetics onto clothes but you don’t want to quit because it’s your favorite clothes. You’re looking to find a way to “save” your shirt.

Let’s try the following cosmetic cleansing tips, which are sure to help you erase the cosmetic stain on your clothes with ease.


1. Foundation Cream

In order to process and erase cosmetic stains on such clothing, first, wet your jacket with cosmetic adhesive, apply shaving cream and scrub lightly. In the end, please bring the shirt to laundry as usual.

In case you use an oil-containing base cream, use the dishwasher water instead. The dishwashing water will also help to dissolve the oil in the creamy background cream that turns away from your pretty sparkling coat.


Use shaving cream to cleanse the cream base


2. Chalk Foundation

Keep in mind an important principle that it is absolutely not to use your hands as you still would because it will be more deeply grained. Instead, you gently shake the shirt, which automatically removes the excess particles.

Use a bit of specialized cleaning solution impregnated with a damp towel and miles on the chalk. The last is that you only need to flush with water and then wash it as usual.

With this method, you will apply to cleanse cosmetics on clothes with a lot of other types of powdered cosmetics, we can mention such as eye pollen and euphoria.


Use shaving cream to cleanse the cream base


3. Lipstick

The characteristic of most lipsticks is that they all have the main ingredient of oil. Therefore, in this case to cleanse cosmetics on clothes, your savior is the dishwasher water.

You just need to use a damp towel and rub the bowl water on the cosmetic area, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse with water. It’s simple, isn’t it?


Use warm towel and rub evenly