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Choice of detergent

Washing machine is replacing human in washing clothes but the mechanism of operation of the washing machine is not the same as human, it is to recognize stains and rub, clean. The washing machine with the mechanism of rotation of clothes, kneading in the washing barrel, for the purpose of rubbing clothes and each other as well as brush in cleaning kegs and fly dirt on clothes. Therefore, washing detergent for washing machines plays a very important role.



Laundry detergent dedicated to washing machine

Laundry powders dedicated to washing machines are made with special formulations, which make washing powders easily soluble in water and create less foam. Because when the detergent is easily soluble, the greater the ability to fly stains at the same time, creating less foam also helps to discharge clothes quickly, saving water and protecting the washing machine better.

Currently the market has many kinds of detergent dedicated to washing machines and all types are notes are dedicated to washing machines. However, laundry powders for washing machines remain a limitation of dissolubility, especially during winter days in the north that the machine does not have a warm water mode. In addition, these detergent also produces many foam, so it is very harmful to the washing machine and waste water for discharge. At the same time, the use of detergent is said to be harmful to a natural environment, so washing powder is not recommended for many uses.


Washing water for washing machine

Similar to washing powder, however, the washing water is friendly to the washer by the ability to dissolve easily, helping to bring out outstanding washing performance because of the very good water-soluble laundry water, in the footsteps of the water molecules to each fabric easily and help Effectively fly stains. On the other hand, washing water creates less foam, thus protecting clothes and protecting the washing machine is durable.


Laundry Ball

The washing ball is composed of small ceramic tablets that break down water molecules, dirt, oils and fats,… And the same increases the activity for water molecules, from which, the water will penetrate deep into the fibers, making the dirt progressively more binding and reducing the likelihood of adhesion on clothing., deodorant.

However, washing clothes with a washing ball is a chemical reaction, so requires a certain time for the clothes to be cleaned. Therefore, washing with the laundry ball usually takes longer than detergent or washing water so much.


Sufficient amount of detergent to use

To get the best laundry results, next to choose a detergent type, you also need to take note of the amount of laundry detergent to use:

+ Excessive use of detergent will cause waste, the garment is not washed clean and can cause the salivation condition to be out for the front door washing machine.

+ Using too little detergent will cause the clothes to not clean, the substances deposited in the washing machine.

+ Depending on the clothes dirty and water quality, you can customize the amount of laundry detergent to use.

For just enough amount of clothing

Besides, you should reduce the number of washing batches by giving enough clothes to the machine instead of a little laundry. This saves you detergent, water as well as electrical energy and is environmentally friendly.


Use detergent according to type of washing machine

Top Washing machine

For most washing machines, give enough detergent/detergent to the tray or in the middle of the rotary axis, and then give them the clothes.

Note: With the top washing machine, you should not give washing powder or pour the laundry water onto clothes

Front-door washing machine and industrial washing machine

For laundry detergent/detergent in sufficient quantities in the dissolved compartment then give the clothes to the washer and boot the machine.

Above is how to choose and use detergent for washing machine. Hope this article brings you useful information. If you have any questions or share them, comment on the section below for the fastest response!