Chúng tôi mở cửa 7 ngày mỗi tuần 7 giờ sáng - 9 giờ tối

A golden stain? Small story…

There are 9 tips below you can fly gold stains on shoes extremely quickly.

1. Whiten the shoe strap by washing it with warm water

Instead of throwing the bundle of shoes in the washing machine, you wash your hands with warm water combined with some soft soap, which can be used gently rub the brush. Then dry the shoelace in the shade.


In addition to washing the shoes with warm water, you can use a sanitary toothbrush for it

2. Use a brush with Baking soda and vinegar to help bleaching shoes

You mix evenly mixed powder (baking soda) and vinegar with a ratio of 2 baking soda, 3 vinegar. Then, using an old toothbrush dipped in the above solution mixture, gently rub on the shoe surface for about 7 minutes. Flush shoes under water to remove residual chemicals on the surface. The last, let’s expose the shoes under the shade so that it dries naturally.


Sneakers become pure white clean after taking baking soda (flour hatch)

3. Soft towel in combination with vinegar to help cleanse white shoes

Experiencing small stains that you do not want to lose and take time to wash the shoes, wet a cotton towel, dip with the vinegar to eat, gently scrub up the stain several times until there are no signs of stains. Finally rinse the shoes under water and the drying is to be.


You can use a toothbrush combined with baking powder and vinegar to purge the unpleasant stains on the white shoes


4. Lemon-active nature helps clean stains

Let your shoes under the water or dip it into a wash basin, then cut the lime fruit 2 then rub it on the leather. It is due to the active organic acids contained in lemons will make the stain disappear. Finally, you can clean the shoes under the water and then dry it is a new pair of pure white shoes.


Lemon juice with a natural acid that makes it easy to remove the stain

5. Use toothpaste to stain

The most popular and cheapest way to remove shoes: You use an old toothbrush left, apply some bitter cream to your teeth, gently rinse the shoes under cool water and gently rub the brush on the shoes. The stain on your white sneaker pair will disappear altogether.


Toothpaste has the ability to stain very well on the white shoes

6. Gentle Shampoo

Use soft shampoo (call for baby) to fly oil stains on white sneaker shoes.
How to: Make warm water with shampoo, take the old brush or soft cloth embedded into the top mixture and rub lightly on the shoes, the stain on the shoe will disappear.


Use soft shampoo (call for baby) to fly oil stains on white sneaker shoes


7. Alcohol and Cotton Health

You can use alcohol to replace alcohol as a conductor to clean the stain white shoe. Dip a pinch of medical cotton into the tincture (alcohol) and rub it onto the stain. Then, use a warm towel to wipe. This is quite effective in bleaching white-stained shoes.


Remove yellow stains on white leather shoes with alcohol or wine

8. Vaseline helps to stain the sole

Vaseline Oil In addition to helping dry skin, softening cracked skin during winter days also has the ability to stain on white shoes.

How to do: Apply a little Vaseline to the shoe surface, to about 3 minutes then use the damp towel wipe again. However, Vaseline only helps to purge stains, stain at the rubber base of the shoes. You should not use it to bleaching the shoe cloth.


Vaseline Oil has the ability to stain on white shoes.


9. Storage of shoes in the room or shaded place

Absolutely not to white sneaker shoes under the sun. If it is exposed to sunscreens, it will accumulate ultraviolet radiation rays, causing the glossy coating of the shoe’s skin to be destroyed and black after a short period of time.

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