Chúng tôi mở cửa 7 ngày mỗi tuần 7 giờ sáng - 9 giờ tối

Your clothes have a damp odor, and the sweat smell makes you uncomfortable? The clothes are clean enough but also fragrant, the wearer will feel comfortable, more pleasant. With EXPLAUNDRY Learn about a number of ways to keep your clothes fresh and efficient and fast through the following article.


1. Natural Essential Oils:

Natural essential oils are increasingly loved by the great scent and good therapeutic uses for the health of the user. You can use essential oils with your favorite scent to add incense to your clothes efficiently. The method used is as follows:

  • Drying clothes: Small few drops of the essential oil into a cloth, for general into the dryer to new aromatic clothes.
  • Slitting Clothes: Add a few drops of natural oil into the exhaust step, between washing machine cycles to aromatic clothes.
  • Washing clothes: Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the same soap to prevent mold thanks to the bactericidal effect of this essential oil.
  • Marinated clothing: Small few drops of incense essential oil on pieces of paper, cloth or for cotton, and put it in a closet to help the garment always scented, pleasant.
  • Aromatic Cabinet sprays: Small few drops of essential oils into the closet helps the clothes always have a pleasant scent.

Some essential oils for the scented clothing are favorite today: Jasmine essential oil, Lavender essential oil (pleasant), grapefruit essential oil (sweet pineapple), lemon lemongrass essential oil (sweet, bactericidal, anti-mosquito),…


Using natural essential oils for the most natural, soothing scent of clothing


2. Herbs, dried flowers:

When the clothes are completely dry and folded, hanging neatly in the closet is also when we add incense to them. Marinated with dried flowers, herbal,.. Help clothes avoid unpleasant odor appearance after a period of removal in the cabinet. Add to the closet compartment a small bag containing the herb you love or hang on the hook to add new aromatic clothes.



3. Aromatic Wood

You can put several pieces of wood with strong aroma and smell that you love in the cabinet compartment. This way helps your clothes save the natural scent of the wood. Wood is used by many users: Sandalwood, camphor wood,… They not only help aromatic clothing but also absorb moisture to help fight the clothes.


Keep your clothes long with some fragrant wood bars


4. SOAP Bureau:

A strong aroma soap will help the clothes smell like freshly launderette yesterday. Choose yourself a favorite soap that smells like, bold smell and then put into the cotton bag, set in your closet compartment.

5. Closet Hygiene

To keep the clothes fresh, the drawer, wardrobe must always be clean, aromatic tho. As the closet is always sealed when used, it is very easy to have a mold moist phenomenon, so cleaning the cabinets is essential.

  • Step 1: Clean clothes off the cabinet.
  • Step 2: Open cabinets, let the cabinet ventilated.
  • Step 3: Use water with white vinegar to clean the cabinet, kill bacteria and dry (when the dried vinegar will fly out).
  • Step 4. Lavender essential oil blends with water, using a spray around the cabinet for disinfection, helps the closet to remain fragrant.
  • Step 5: Wait for the dry cabinet and then hook the clean clothes back.

Then you just have to keep deodorizing the closet with a box of baking soda Open or 1 month coffee baits.


How to keep long lasting clothes in a cabinet without a mold, unpleasant odor


6. Fabric Discharge Water

Using fabric softener is the simplest and most common way to wear soft, more aromatic clothes that the vast majority of everyone uses. But the truth is that the smell of water does not save long, you will not always find the scent and can make the cloth more quickly when used.

7. Drying clothes

Drying clothes is a way to help them always smell clean, comfortable as just washing and drying under the sun. You can use the following ways:

  • Use a hair dryer to help keep your clothes fresh as they are just exposed in the sun.
  • Use a dedicated drying machine: Add a damp towel with a few drops of pure essential oil to your machine in the last 10 minutes of the cycle, making it more pleasant to savor the scent of clothes.


Drying clothes with a bit of natural oil for clothes always gentle, pleasant


8. Drying Clothes:

Keep your clothes in the right way for long, clean clothing. When drying clothes under the sun, a cool place is a simple way to wear a very pleasant sunshine.

9. Clothing – How to keep your clothes long simple:

When clothing is in the method of the wound, the clothing will have a new odor characteristic when medium is, quite pleasant smell. Add a few drops of essential oil to your iron steam so that when you iron your clothes, savor your favorite scent, help you relax and add energy to a new day of work.


Is clothing – How to keep your clothes long simple effective.