Chúng tôi mở cửa 7 ngày mỗi tuần 7 giờ sáng - 9 giờ tối

Long-term use of clothes over many times of washing or being rubbed many often happens that the most feathering phenomenon is for wool cloth, which makes them look old and deteriorate a lot. Little tips with sponges, razors and foam stones you can get rid of ruffled feathers on wool clothing.


1. Removes the ruffled fur on woolen clothes

A sponge with 2 sides in it a fluffy cotton side and a roughened and rougher face. You use a harder face to gently rub on the face. The ruffled fabric layer will cling to the sponge, paying your sweater back as new.



2. Removes the ruffled fur on wool clothes with razors

The razor will be suitable for soft wool fabrics or soft coats. You only need a light razor on the fabric, the ruffles will quickly disappear. You can use any of the razors available at home such as razors, eyebrow cutters, or blue knives.



3. Removes ruffled feathers on woolen wool clothing

Foam stones – Specialized rocks are used to remove the dead skin layer of women. They are very suitable for the use of ruffled fabric on thick wool. You hold the foam rub quickly on the thick hairy cloth on the thickened wool. The feathers will quickly disappear returning you nice coat.



Looking forward to the small tips from EXPRESS LAUNDRY, you can clean the ruffled coat of wool and return the new look to them.